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Error Line: 0 FRESHWATER CRAYFISH: Freshwater Crayfish Culture: Rearing and Production of <i>Austropotamobius pallipes italicus</i> (Faxon) for Stocking Purposes
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Freshwater Crayfish 7(1): 267-270 (1988)


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Freshwater Crayfish Culture: Rearing and Production of Austropotamobius pallipes italicus (Faxon) for Stocking Purposes

De Luise G and Sabbadini A  e-mail link

Published Online: 6/1/2020


The Italian freshwater crayfish is Austropotamobius pallipes italicus (FAXON). It is a typical species of the macrofauna of smaller streams and brooks with gravelly bottom. It has suffered a notable reduction in geographical distribution and in population size owing to several factors. The survivors are very slowly occupying the suitable waters again, and to accelerate this process and restore this crayfish in all the watercourses, it is necessary to carry out specific restocking. An initial stock of 267 crayfish (F/M ratio 3:1) was stocked in a flowing canal. After fecundation; which occurred in October, the females were isolated from the males and they were put in 'birth-cages' where they remained until the hatching of the eggs. The survival rate (calculated from fertilized egg to L3 stage larvae) was 40%. A feeding experiment on growing males was also done. Three different diets were tested: dry pellets made on a specific formula for crayfish, commercial meal for eel and natural food. The dry pellets gave the highest growth, the best appetibility and the least water pollution in the concrete tanks.

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De Luise G and Sabbadini A. (1988). Freshwater Crayfish Culture: Rearing and Production of Austropotamobius pallipes italicus (Faxon) for Stocking Purposes. Freshwater Crayfish 7(1):267-270. doi: 10.5869/fc.1988.v7.267



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