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Freshwater Crayfish 7(1): 327-331 (1988)


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Options for Crayfish Culture and Exploitation in Ireland

Reynolds JD  e-mail link

Published Online: 6/1/2020


The white-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes is widespread in Irish calcareous lakes and streams. Growth rates are relatively fast; about one quarter of a trap catch may exceed the 90mm marketable size. Crayfish plague Aphanomyces is unknown, and Thelohania affects at most 1-2% of individuals. Introduction of the signal crayfish Pacifastacus into Ireland is prohibited by both British and Irish authorities. However, exploitation of native stocks in negligible, although small quantities have been exported to Belgium and Sweden. These undisturbed populations thus have European conservation importance. Following biological research, a new university-industry group is examining the economic feasibility of harvesting, marketing and on-growing native white-clawed crayfish, while conserving existing stocks. Initial developments will include catch-effort studies on wild populations. A hatchery is being developed in a trout farm, and shallow ponds will be utilised for stocking and breeding.

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Reynolds JD. (1988). Options for Crayfish Culture and Exploitation in Ireland. Freshwater Crayfish 7(1):327-331. doi: 10.5869/fc.1988.v7.327



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