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Freshwater Crayfish 7(1): 6-12 (1979)


Restoration of native European crayfish stocks

Lindqvist O

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The five native European crayfish species, among which Astacus astacus commands special commercial value and interest, can be all considered endangered, if not 'globally', at least locally in most parts of their original range. There are many reasons for this, but habitat alterations, the crayfish plague, and in places the introduction of plague-resistant foreign crayfish species play certain roles. Restoration policies for the native species are recommended as part of each country's fisheries policy and conservation policy. As a means of restoration, surveys and monitoring of crayfish stocks, habitat restoration, development of culture methods and restocking, designation of exclusive areas where applicable, and appropriate research for the formulation of crayfish management strategies are discussed.



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Lindqvist O. (1979). Restoration of native European crayfish stocks. Freshwater Crayfish 7(1):6-12. doi: .

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